Luxury Lingerie

Luxury Lingerie - 10 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own It

| Robert Scott

When was the last time you went on a retail or Internet buying spree for items designed to be worn for your pleasure as well as the pleasure of those who appreciate your body? If it’s been too long, these 10 tips are going to get you off your bum long enough to cover it with something naughty, yummy and maybe even scandalous.

Reason #1: It’s impossible to stay in a bad mood when wearing sexy lingerie

Imagine awakening to a bad weather day and strolling to the bathroom in search of your toothbrush. You look in the mirror and glimpse your fine self in the lacy, racy getup you donned before bed last night. Brush away. We wouldn’t blame you for having breakfast dressed in your finery to get your day off to a sexy start.

Reason #2: Feel like a million bucks wearing intimates under business attire

Confidence? You bet. Knowing that the lingerie beneath your business-as-usual suit barely covers your assets is a confidence booster like no other. Whether you’re the boss or part of the team, panties and bras fashioned of silks, satins and laces can be your secret.

Reason #3: Your therapist would be proud of you

Banishing poor body image may be a goal of yours and if so, wearing lush intimates at home and at the office can reinforce the work you’re doing to develop a positive attitude about your many virtues and strengths. In fact, a shopping spree at littlemisshoneypie will set you back less money than a single session at the shrink, and your therapist will understand once you tell her why you skipped a session.

Reason #4: You don’t have to drain your bank account

Owning drawers full of intimates is not just an ego boost but a relatively inexpensive way to build a sensuous wardrobe. Match your mood every day by choosing colours that make you look and feel like a goddess, a queen or whatever the level of royalty to which you aspire. From corsets to teddies, a proper wardrobe of intimates is empowering, so have at it! You deserve to wear these treats day and night.

Reason #5: Intimates are romance boosters on steroids

Sexy garments prove that one needn’t run around nude to earn the adulation of a partner whose hunger for you is enhanced by the challenge of the grand undress. Leave on your finery if that’s what works for both of you or wear only the garment that evokes the biggest reaction in the person you want to impress. Who needs to dress to kill when you can dress to thrill for the person you can't get enough of?

Reason #6: Sexy underthings can set you free

For women whose upbringings and lifestyles could best be described as conservative, owning and wearing a bustier with garters and see-thru panels can be just what the doctor ordered for those who need to take a walk on the wild side to break free of inhibitions. The freedom felt the moment you climb into a thong or a push-up bra can’t be described, but you’ll know it when you experience it!

Reason #7: You deserve the best

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not worthy of the best life has to offer, be it the way you are loved to the way you show your own capacity for love. Your mum was right. You get what you give. And when it comes to spoiling lovers, intimates do more than just deliver on the eye candy factor: They remind you of how deserving you are of life’s biggest blessings.

Reason #8: Your partner never has to worry about gift-giving again

Declare your personal passion for luxury intimates and you relieve your main squeeze of having to rethink gifts on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and special occasions. Reveal your favourite colours and size and wait to be surprised. Give them free rein. You might be surprised to learn that separates you might never have chosen for yourself are exactly what your favourite shopper longs to see you wearing.

Reason #9: Luxury lingerie enhances outfits

Choosing the right lingerie to put beneath your outer garments not only gives you secret thrills, more confidence and self-assurance but the way clothing hangs on your body is improved by the right underpinnings. Is it okay to show up at work wearing a thong? You bet. Panty lines that could ruin skirt or slacks and you feel sexier and more powerful. You do bring a jacket to meet with the CEO, right?

Reason #10: You couldn’t get more value for your money

Investing in luxury lingerie makes you look wise, but you don’t have to tell anyone that the reason you choose luxury intimates has to do with your practical side! With proper care, items that make you look gorgeous will last for years to come. In some cases, they might last longer than your last relationship, so think of this as the investment that stands the test of time. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with trading one partner in for a better version. And with each, your posh intimates’ wardrobe will thrill anew.

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